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TRANSPROTECTOR Filter for Automotive and Industrial Applications

NTF has taken transmission fluid filtration to a new level. Our TRANSPROTECTOR inline magnetic micro filter removes virtually all the particles of 15 microns and smaller – at a “clean up speed” that is more effective and faster than competitors. In addition, our radially wound depth-type filter element is superior to the pleated paper filters of competitive filters in fluid cleaning, as well as in its capacity to hold particles. This element ensures that particles are not passed through with fluid or released. This system also preserves fluid integrity by eliminating water and chemical contaminants that accumulate over time.

NTF Micro Filtration’s TRANSPROTECTOR™ Series of inline magnetic micro filters for transmission and power steering systems offer many advantages over other filters on the market today:            

Improved filter construction – The TRANSPROTECTOR features a durable, stainless steel exterior construction, along with a rugged metal core, for long life. And our MicroClean filter element’s depth-type construction removes more of the smallest particles than any other element on the market today. Easy to install and safe to operate – our unique reverse flow feature allows for flow in either direction, eliminating installation errors and preventing damage to components.

The result? A filter that is proven effective in removing the smallest particles – quickly and completely.

The TRANSPROTECTOR is available in the USA only.

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