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OLFS Series

The NTF Off Line Filter System, (OLFS), can be used with any hydraulic, lubrication or transmission system in virtually any market or industry. The system is equipped with its own motor-pump combination, which means that the system pressures and specifications remain in conformance with the values specified by the manufacturer. The motor-pump combination pumps oil from the reservoir (or engine sump), the dirty oil is then pumped through the filter and clean oil is returned to the reservoir.

The NTF Off Line Filter System is based on a modular and especially designed manifold that integrates all of the oil channels. So leakages from vibrations or poorly connected pipes are a thing of the past. Because the whole system is mounted on a base plate, it can be quickly and easily installed in your system.

Our OLFS series of off-line filter systems includes:

OLFS-29/1   offline filtration unit with 1 F-29 filter.

OLFS-29/2  offline filtration unit with 2 F-29 filters.

OLFS-58/1   offline filtration unit with 1 F-58 filter.

OLFS-58/2   offline filtration unit with 2 F-58 filters.

OLFS-58/6   offline filtration unit with 6 F-58 filters.

All versions are available with a variety of gear pumps and electromotors and are built specifically for your application. The OLFS-58/6 unit can also be fitted with a water separator, making it suitable for fuel applications.



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