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ALH/210 Series

The ALH/210-series represent our bypass hydraulic filtration line and is used in many applications, including off-road mobile equipment, heavy-duty vehicles, stationary cranes, stationary hydraulic systems, fork lifts and industrial equipment. It is also used in sophisticated flight simulators, as well as in test stands where cleanliness is crucial.

These systems are based on the AL-series and are equipped with an integrated manifold. The manifold has a flow regulation valve, which guarantees a constant flow and pressure in the filter system, independent of the external pressure and flow. An integrated 5.5 bar safety valve protects the filter element against pressure spikes, which are fatal to filters. The ALH/210 series can be used in equipment with an operating pressure up to 210 bar.

Our ALH/210 series of hydraulic bypass filter systems includes:


For volumes up to 225 liters,

with a capacity of 1.0 liter per minute


For volumes up to 450 liters,

with a capacity of 1.5 liter per minute


For volumes up to 750 liters,

with a capacity of 2.1 liter per minute


For volumes up to 1500 liters,

with a capacity of 4.2 liter per minute

The ALH/210 series is available in the Netherlands and the USA only.



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